Contax 17-35mm N EOS Mount Test

The conversion of the Contax N mount system potentially promises something entirely new for the Canon EOS user, that is, Superb Contax optics with full Auto Focus and Auto Aperture.

The following test was not intended as full resolution test.
It was designed to simulate real world use and show the results of the lens under those conditions. I will leave this type of testing to those who are far more qualified than I am.

The Conversion was done by Conurus and further information can be found at

I tested this lens against the Canon 16-35mm, because it is the best of the Canon wide angle lineup. My personal copy was the best of six lenses tested. The Contax 17-35mm lens was used when I bought it, and may not be a full accurate sample of your results. Further testing of multiple samples will confirm or deny these results.

The test was done on a Canon 1Ds2 using a Gitzo 1348 Tripod with a Arca Swiss B1 Tripod head. Mirror lock up was not used.









The Contax 17-35 is clearly optimized for the wide end. It is at its best in 17-21mm range. Above 23mm it requires higher apertures to yield acceptable results. This is opposite to the Canon which is optimized for the 23-35mm range. The Contax 21mm remains the king of wide's at the 21mm mark, of this there is no question - a truly remarkable lens.

As Mentioned, the Contax 17-35mm shows very good performance in the 17-21mm Range and is probably the only auto focus Zoom in the world that can currently resolve the 1Ds2 Sensor in this range all the way into the corners. Yes it is second to the 21mm, but not by much.

For me this lens has become my wide angle solution, it is very useable and relatively light when compared to carrying a 15mm and 21mm Contax. The auto focus is fast and accurate, and the lens works exactly like its Canon counter part with all modes available - a credit to Conurus and their conversion

Be aware that it takes 95mm Filters and they can be expensive!

Further, more accurate testing will, perhaps, yield different opinions. As I have mentioned, this test is my best attempt to provide some useful information to the group. Use it at your own risk, your results may be better or worse depending upon the lens sample.


The samples are placed here for your information only and represent no endorsement of any particular lens or brand. The information presented is not guaranteed for accuracy and is presented on an 'as is' basis.